Why You and Your Business need to be on Social Media NOW! Video by Lin Gates for www.artellonline.com

Amazing social media stats to prove the need for everyone and every business to have an online presence and marketing strategy. Are you ready ?

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Motivational Quote: Social Media is Now! Click image to see more on Twitter!

Motivational Quote: Social Media is Now!

Motivational Quote by #Lin Gates for #Artellonline #Social Media Marketing

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Motivational Quote by Artellonline Click image for more on Twitter!

Motivational Quote by Artellonline

Risk is essential quote by Artellonline

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Artellonline Original Motivational Quote!


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New ArtellOnline Motivaltional Quote!

New ArtellOnline Motivaltional Quote!


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Virgin Social Media Strategy Revealed

Virgin Social Media Strategy Revealed

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Your Social Media Personality? via Mashable

Your Social Media Personality? via Mashable

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Washington Bill Would Allow Employers To Seek Workers’ Facebook Passwords

CBS Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) — A bill amendment proposed Tuesday could allow employers to ask for a worker’s Facebook or other social media password during company investigations.

The provision was proposed for a bill that safeguards social network passwords of workers and job applicants. The measure bars employers from asking for social media credentials during job interviews.

The amendment was introduced at the House Labor Committee at the request of business groups.

The Associated Press reported last year that some employers around the country were asking applicants for their social media information. In 2012 and this year, seven states banned employers from asking job applicants and employees for their social network passwords, with some exceptions.

Another 33 states are considering similar laws, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Proponents say that the original bill would open an avenue for possible illegal activity by employees, such as divulging proprietary or consumer…

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Email Marketing + Social Media = Successful Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

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How Social Are You?

Danielle Daily

Shared from Danielle Dunn Creative Agency – Studio Blog

SM Apps


It seems as though we could all do with giving Evolv a cyber high-five after the company unwittingly revealed statistics that reveal that employees who engage in social media are generally more productive.

The start up, which monitors hundreds of metrics from Fortune 500 companies, found that employees that regularly use up to four social networks made more sales or handled more calls than those who did not.

You could argue that the usage of many social networks simply reflects a sociable personality, which in turn makes…[Read More]

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